Research on the Integrated Science Curriculum (RISC)

The Research on the Integrated Science Curriculum (RISC) surveys (there are 3) were created as part of a research program initiated by the Interdisciplinary Learning Consortium, whose founding members represent Carleton College, Grinnell College, Hope College, St. Olaf College, and Whitman College. The methodology followed the successful methodology of Prof. Lopatto’s current survey project, Classroom Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE).

As with the CURE methodology, there are three surveys. The first is a course components rubric completed by a course instructor. This survey allows the instructor to describe which of a series of 48 possible course activities and goals he or she intends to emphasize.

The second survey is a pre-course survey completed by students early in the term. This survey asks students to report their previous experience with the same list of activities as appear on the faculty survey. The survey also asks for information regarding learning style and attitude toward science.

Finally, the third survey is a post-course survey completed by students at the end of the term. This final survey asks students to evaluate their learning gains on the same list of activities that they have seen previously.

Please note: The academic year 2017–18 was the final year for the surveys to be offered under the current system of centralized data collection and reporting.  For questions regarding the future use of these surveys please contact Professor David Lopatto.

RISC Surveys

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1. Instructor Form

2. RISC Pre-Course Survey

3. RISC Post-Course Survey

4. RISC Survey statistics



Published examples of RISC results in support of science education programs include: