Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) survey

The Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) survey grew out of a creative collaboration of faculty from Grinnell College, Hope College, Harvey Mudd College, and Wellesley College. The CURE may be used as a pretest–post-test or post-test–only survey to measure student experiences in “research-like” or other science courses.

Please note: The academic year 2017–18 was the final year for the surveys to be offered under the current system of centralized data collection and reporting.  For questions regarding the future use of these surveys please contact Professor David Lopatto.

The CURE survey has three components:

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1. A pre-course survey to be completed by the students in the course or lab.

Pre-course questions include:

  • Demographic questions
  • Reasons for taking the course
  • Level of experience on various course elements
  • Science attitude questions
  • Learning style questions

2. A post-course survey to be completed by the student in the course or lab.

The post-course survey is parallel to the pre-course survey. Questions include:

  • Estimate of learning gains in the course elements
  • Estimates of learning benefits that parallel questions in the SURE surveys
  • Overall evaluation of the experience
  • Science attitude questions

3. A brief survey for the course or lab instructor in which the instructor indicates which common activities are emphasized in the course.

Benchmark CURE Statistics for General Use


Published examples of CURE results in support of science education programs include: